Lover of Light. Image Maker. Moon Child.

Aisha Singleton is an LA based Photographer and recent transplant from NYC. When she's not photographing you can find her at a show listening to live music, but she's usually photographing. Merging her background as a Journalist and Filmmaker she immortalizes moments in time with a Cat Woman like stealth. Aisha's approach to photography is to listen and truly hear her clients’ needs. She often creatively strategizes and collaborates with clients from concept to completion, including styling and location scouting. She's been working with many talented Emerging Fashion Designers, Independent Filmmakers and Musicians. Aisha understands that the content produced creates a brand identity and serves as a visual representation of the company and or individual.

From capturing creative portraits, documenting filmmaker robots and live performances Aisha is always enthusiastic to collaborate with a range of Creatives and Innovators to tell compelling visual stories.